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About Facial Palsy Center of New York

The treatment of each patient is unique to that patient based on the cause of their paralysis; the extent and distribution of their paralysis; the duration of their paralysis; the age of the patient; the patient’s general medical condition; and the patient’s goals. There are a variety of impairments associated with facial paralysis. The strategies for each patient is based on an evaluation of the etiology of the problems, their unique anatomical impairment and their general medical condition. The primary objectives are to prevent eye-exposure and corneal injuries, restore facial symmetry and a dynamic smile, improve nasal airway and oral competence. Procedures for the eye and brow include: a gold weight implant for upper eyelid closure; a canthopexy, or tightening of the lower lid for better closure; browlift procedure (open or endoscopic) for improvement of eyebrow position and symmetry.


Dr. Fredrick A. Valauri was born and raised in the New York metropolitan area. After being named the valedictorian at Salesian Preparatory High School, Dr. Valauri went on to receive his B.A. in Psychobiology from NYU in 1974. Dr. Valauri received his MD from SUNY-Downstate in Brooklyn in 1978.

Dr. Valauri completed his residency training in general surgery and plastic surgery at NYU-Bellevue Medical Center and his fellowship training in hand and microsurgery in San Francisco with Dr. Harry Buncke. The doctor has authored over 30 medical articles, is a former editor of the Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery and a contributor to the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He is a lecturer and faculty member at national and international plastic surgery conferences.

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